The Brink of Sanity
The Brink of Sanity show started waaaaaayyyyy back in 2008 with Jay and Bri as the show’s co-hosts and Jay’s dad as the sole listener. The audio was poor as was the content. It was dark times for the podcast. Fast forward to 2018 and the show is still going....I wouldn't say strong, but it's still sputtering along. Personal stories, rants, half-truths, current events, pop culture, game shows episodes, and messing with Internet scammers are some of the things you can expect to hear from Jay, Marc, Bri and company every week. Check out The Brink Of Sanity Online:
Marc and Martin are today's guests / You may notice this episode we perfect the art of the segue / Jay goes to another doctor / 8 year old writes a dating book / Little kid named Hitler / Gay bible / Mad TV gets canceled but SNL still stinks / Rolling Stones top 100 singers / Naked at the gym / much more
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We're Back - Got a new studio, season 2 begins / Shooting yourself / Black Friday / Volleyball finals debacle / Jay's balls / Hancock was the worst / Game genie / Moving in with a girl / Spider email / Marriage contract / Women gets scammed for 400,000 / much more / subscribe on Itunes.
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Leon, Lauren, and the Doc are tonight's guests / Black people don't age / Experiences with reality shows / We take a break and come back really drunk and talk about interracial dating, first sexual experience, and a lot more
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Dave is today's guest / voting / public transportation / college radio / people falling is always funny / caffeine addiction / game shows / a ton of other tangents we go off on / download and subscribe on itunes.
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Great episode tonight / Marc, Jason, and the Doc are tonights guests / Jay is obese / The great debate - Conservatives vs. Liberals / Jay got thrown under the bus
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Joel is back / Jay is getting a little insane / Stupid pageant winner / Living in scarytown / Getting beat up / Clueless at work / Collecting boxes / Jay gets cranky and ends the show / much more
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Marc and Artie are this weeks guests / We got ripped on by another show / Jumping the shark / 105 year old virgin / Jewish people and stupid religious habits / Top 25 Nintendo games / much more
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Lauren and Leon are todays guests / Cab horror stories / Leon and Lauren try to guess who made 56 million...forever / The return of Fun Sponge / Internet dating stories / much more. Subscribe on Itunes.
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Marc and The Doc are todays guests / Weddings are just for women / Cufflinks / Jay finally got hired / Awful customer service / Organic food is a scam / India is dirty / Pro Choice / Much more
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Matt is todays guest / Gunman at moms job / Girl auctions off her virginity / Matts comedy show, working with a crazy / Pot brownie debacle / Hilarious roommate battle / BOSS contest / Video game tournament / much more
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Jason is todays guest / New York subways / Touching boys / Yellow fever / Vice drinks / Our new reality show / Women need to act normal / Flying Spaghetti Monster / Crazy Republicans / Mac vs. PC / Roast of Bob Saget / much more
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Shannon is todays guest / lost the list of topics / reality tv / Shannon quit smoking / The Docs 30th beer pong birthday / Jays grandma = horrible / Double dad date / Cobalt 5 / much more
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Arty is the guest / The shirts are here and Jays not furious / Arty on the Rock Chicks show / Arty talks about rap and Jay gets mad / Surprise party for Jay / Bigfoot and Leprechauns / Olympics wrap up / The return of scamming the scammers / much more
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Randi and Martin are the guests / Dealing with stupid people / Martin went to a crappy wedding / Corpse propped up against the wall / Debate about people protesting / Cheerleaders need to be seen / Olympics breed midgets / much more
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Jay, Alex, and the Doc drink 40's as Jay turns 30. Here's the deal, I was so drunk during this episode I don't remember anything we talked about and I'm scared to go back and listen. Hopefully it's not too embarrassing.
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Matt is todays guest host / Gold medals / Friends pumping out babies / Can't discipline kids / A ton of funny college stories, the blowjob that wasn't, fucked up roommates, hitting on girls, waking up at the same time / NY vs Boston / much more
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Really good episode tonight / Artie the comic joins us / Almost an emergency / Offending guidos / Music talk / Arties dog joins the show / Making a billion dollar house / Old Nick shows and video games / much more
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Drunk guy at bodega / Jay's 30th bday party / Animals fall to their death when they see Leon / Male maxi-pad / Hosting parties / Shamwow! / Should Lauren do voiceovers? / Jay defends the concerts he's going to / Pink shirts / Negative life points / vote on podcastalley / much more
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Jay is going to be an old man this weekend / Brink of Sanity on Facebook / Fat people, boring people, and old men / E.T. and Chucky Cheese / Jay hates FedEx / Chilitos and McRibs / Martin and Jay talk about comedians / Martin hates interviewing people / Black holes / Camping trip voicemails / The Professors pet hampster / much more
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The finale to Scamming the Scammers / Bri gets a hot tub / Camping trip disasters / Accidents and getting pulled over / Bri's big announcement (holy crap) / much more
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New guests Leon and Lauren / No panties on the 4th / Invite etiquette / Beatdown by a hobo / Leon the felon / I love you / Scamming the scammers / much more
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Jay's got a new hobby / Bri's back from vacation, 498 questions / Cutters need to do a better job / Some random shit / Subscribe on Itunes
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Forum feedback / Indian restaurants hate you / Leave Don Imus alone / Gaggle of pregnant bitches / Family Guy sucks now, literally / Naked Cowboy lawsuit / Goodbye George Carlin / The curse of Bri / Rude people at work / Ranting Medley / Bris final thoughts / subscribe on Itunes / much more
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Angry men on the subway / Tim Russert is still a corpse / Viewing porn remotely / Class of idiots / Flip flops / Fist bumping / Welcome guest / We get no feedback (but Bri's mic does) / much more
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Audios a little weird sorry, lots of problems this show / Bri has a 70 year olds back / Stabbings and suicides, too close to home / Puerto Rican day parade / What celebrity to invite to your party / The ugly ladies in Sex in the City / stupid piercings / Should Jay get a fu-manchu? / much more
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Chaos / Incoherent drunk ramblings / Alex calls / ramble / The professor calls / More incoherent drunk ramblings
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Almost a drunk vidcast / Iron Man banter / Bri got cockblocked / Jay is afraid of his friends apartments / Jay is going to break video game world records / What do you  do when friends are dating crazies? / Rambling / much more
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Technical difficulties / Jay and Bri go over a list of "must see" movies / Bri plays beer pong instead of doing a show with Jay / much more
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We got stood up / Bugs in the water / Top comedy list / Harrison Ford smokes pot
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A bunch of random shit / Umbrellas / Can't whistle / Music and movie debates / Farter at work / much more
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Careful who you rant about / Using weddings to hook up / Skype call / Baby shower / Alex's dance recital / Pin the tail on the donkey / Aunt flow and Uncle towel / much more
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Bri barfs before the show (preshow jitters) / website is up / Dentist stories / Who needs a blackberry? / Boycotting gas / Say barf while you barf / Musical banter / Much more
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The Brink of Sanity - Episode 13: Sex Reassignment We have forums / No habla ingles / Vacations gone bad / Jay quits sports / Bri solves the gas crisis / guy gets pregnant and Jay gets mad / Horrible people should have horrible things happen to them / much more
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We have forums for the podcast now, check it out

Brink of Sanity Forums

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Is this the conclusion to Jay and Bri's stories? / Does anyone have a sense of humor anymore? / Negator? / Is NYC overrated? / Is it tasteless? / Is it boring? / Who has road rage? / Is there much more?
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Billy from is in the house, we interview him for a while / Beauty mark piercings, ugly guys, short haircuts, and other stupid things women do / what percentage of women would you sleep with / sleeping with celebrities / much more
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Interview with a doc / More stories of getting fired / Bri's mom is a clepto / Parades and fireworks / Bad parenting / The drowning an infant challenge / How much porn is too much? / much more
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There's a real girl in the studio / Somebody stole Bri's glasses / Listener email / About 8 stories of Jay getting fired / Bri the P.I. / much more
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The Brink of Sanity - Episode 8: Sex, Beards and Videotapes Sucky friends / listener email / Jay's going to release a sex video / We're confused about celebrity worshiping / pizza snobs / beard banter / much more
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The Brink of Sanity - Episode 7: Fun Sponge There's a conspiracy against Jay's basketball team / subway doofus / buzzkill / fun sponge / listener email / possible idea for a new episode / much more
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Fuerzabruta / poo and pee etiquette / Jay forgot to work / Bri's hilarious texting story / some politics (sorry) / myspace and facebook rant / mmf / and more
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Elevators hate Jay / "nice" girls / shitty service at an Indian restaurant / crazy lady at a coffee shop / Jay crashes uhauls / Will Ferrel pisses Bri off again / much more
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The Brink of Sanity - Episode 4: Pigeon in the Kitchen Alex is the house / liquor snobs / bar stories / santacon and Jays epic fall / / titowaj / pigeon in the kitchen / 100 viagra's / some family guy banter / much more
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The Brink of Sanity - Episode 3: Vday Massacre The Vday Massacre story / Bri survived Chinese New Years / Jays bad week / people are stupid / some babies are ugly / bitter stories involving women / shitty comedy / much more
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