The Brink of Sanity
The Brink of Sanity show started waaaaaayyyyy back in 2008 with Jay and Bri as the show’s co-hosts and Jay’s dad as the sole listener. The audio was poor as was the content. It was dark times for the podcast. Fast forward to 2018 and the show is still going....I wouldn't say strong, but it's still sputtering along. Personal stories, rants, half-truths, current events, pop culture, game shows episodes, and messing with Internet scammers are some of the things you can expect to hear from Jay, Marc, Bri and company every week. Check out The Brink Of Sanity Online:
Martin and Artie are today's guests / Jay on People's Court / Martin on the Newlywed Game / Andy Richter needs to get back on the couch / Actors overexposing themselves - looking at you Seth Rogan / Artie FINALLY joins the show / New insane bar in NYC / Worst coupon ever / Lady gets sued for 1.9 million...for downloading 24 songs (gulp) / Gifts for a 7th anniversary / vote on podcastalley
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Bri and Rob from the Uncanny X-Cast are today's guests / Getting used to a miserable life / McDonald's chicken nugget scam / Artie Lange ruining the Joe Buck show / Lady is against cupcakes / Awful Halloween costumes / Beer can marketing / Muppets / Being smooth in college / much more
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Artie is today's guest / Laid back show today / Artie's hangover / Lipstick vibrator / some movie talk
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Great episode today / Max, Arty, and Alex are guests today / Horrible jokes / What makes a date a date? / Eminem freaks out / The Green Day debate / Turning down sex / Making coworkers poop and barf at the same time / New rating system / much more
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