The Brink of Sanity
The Brink of Sanity show started waaaaaayyyyy back in 2008 with Jay and Bri as the show’s co-hosts and Jay’s dad as the sole listener. The audio was poor as was the content. It was dark times for the podcast. Fast forward to 2018 and the show is still going....I wouldn't say strong, but it's still sputtering along. Personal stories, rants, half-truths, current events, pop culture, game shows episodes, and messing with Internet scammers are some of the things you can expect to hear from Jay, Marc, Bri and company every week. Check out The Brink Of Sanity Online:
Peter and the Doc are today's guests / Starting the day off horribly / Umbrellas / How tall does a midget have to be to date? / Marbury cries / A bunch of news stories / Much more
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Bri is today's guest / Trying to not be fat / Dave joins for 68 seconds and gets called to work / A bunch of news stories / Potentially awesome new dating show
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Marc and Artie are today's guests / Steroids / Psychics / Collectibles / We play Family Feud Brink of Sanity style, Artie Vs. Marc
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Leon and Will are today's guests / 1st jobs / To catch a predator / Horrible movie reviews / Kazoozles / Apparently after the show ended we kept going.  The aftershow jumps in with us making fun of some dumb smelly person, no idea who.  We end it talking about a dummy Will works with. 
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Bri and Dave are today's guests / Michael Jackson caper / Work Stories / Girl lies about how she got 56 tattoos on her face / Sarah Palin quits / Dave finally joins us / No good summer movies / Jay vows not to do a show sober again
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Marc and Artie are today's guests / We use a random word generator to come up with the topics for this episode / Saved by the Bell pornos / Fake tans / Awesome sequels / Weekend at Michael Jacksons / Ibiza / Audio gets a little choppy for a few minutes near the end, gets better eventually
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