The Brink of Sanity
The Brink of Sanity show started waaaaaayyyyy back in 2008 with Jay and Bri as the show’s co-hosts and Jay’s dad as the sole listener. The audio was poor as was the content. It was dark times for the podcast. Fast forward to 2018 and the show is still going....I wouldn't say strong, but it's still sputtering along. Personal stories, rants, half-truths, current events, pop culture, game shows episodes, and messing with Internet scammers are some of the things you can expect to hear from Jay, Marc, Bri and company every week. Check out The Brink Of Sanity Online:

The Brink of Sanity is on life support and Jay might be before the episode is over.  In this episode Jay has donated blood two hours before and then starts drinking and goes a little crazy.  We talk about the big storm and how fun it is to live in the boroughs when it snows.  3D movies.  We teach people about religion and politics.  Very informative stuff.  During the show we get sent a list of 110 things New Yorkers have been talking about througout the year.  It's a horrible list and we tear it apart.

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Marc, Lindsey and Matt are on today's show.  I'm going to be honest I blacked out for most of this episode and I'm too scared to go back and listen to do show notes.  I know I talk about sing-a-ma-jigs and Marc does his list of rants.  Enjoy.

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Lindsey, Matt, and Marc are on the show today.  A bunch of dating stories and a debate on how much to spend and what to expect on dates.  Gays in the military, flu shots, the Survivor quitters and Michael Jacksons new album are a few of the other things we talk about.  There is more, but things got pretty crazy and I don't remember the rest.

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Alex is on the show today.  The Brink of Sanity is cursed!  Racist girl at the bagel store.  Bouncers at bars. Alex's Vegas trip and Jay's bachelor party trip.  Much more.

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Marc is today's guest.  Mom murders kid over Farmville.  Marc's list of rants including: Physical Therapy, Keeping evidence of torture, Identity theft plans, Marathons, Snow cone makers, 3-D, Jesus as a kid, Air hand dryers and tipping.  Subscribe on ITunes!

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Jon from Random Ass Radio is on today's show / Jon talks about his move and where he's been for over a month / Porn Netflix drop boxes / Bill O'Reilly on the View / Honoring the gay people who have committed suicide / Jon's urine situation / Horrible PSA's / much more

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Marc and Jeff Ting from Mayday Radio are on the show today / We talk to Jeff about the music business; promoting, downloading, touring, musical influences, and the impossible task of pleasing your fanbase / Marcs list of rants including thank you cards, prayer, abortion, reference numbers, bloodletting / We talk about our new Knicks/NBA basketball show over at / much more

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Leon and The Doc are today's guests / Recap of The Docs birthday bash / Most depressing call ever / Jaoquin Phoenix / Jets harassment charge / Draw Muhammad Day / Interview with How Lost Gost Lost author John Rasor / Recap of Boston trip / much more

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Peter and comedian James Fritz are on the show today / We tell some awkward stories and James shares some of his standup experiences with us / Planet Michael / 14 year old girls dictate TV / Betty White / Crying during movies / Avoiding panhandlers / What would you do for 7 billion dollars / Peters reveals the top 5 meals of his life / whole bunch of other stuff

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Marc is today's guest / We go over Marcs list of pet peeves including; Trips to the doctors, poor peoples eating habits, coffee, babies, bathroom attendents, video games, panhandlers, and male enhancement pills.

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Bri and Joel join me on the show today / We have an IPhone app! / Annoying neighbor / Bri has a mental breakdown and tells the story of it / Joel comes back from travelling the world long enough to join us.  He gives us some travel tips that help avoid returning to a smelly apartment / Ridiculous traffic jam in China / There was a mini Connecticut massacre and Bri makes a joke too soon for some people / We end the show with solving the problem of how to avoid another 9-11 / much more, subscribe on ITunes

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Marc and professional wrestler The Rockstar are on the show today.  Some of the things we talk about are getting started in wrestling, the Rockstars feud with Brutis the Barber, some interesting behind the scenes stories, training and injuries, and some of the politics behind being a professional westler.  We finish the episode off with our top 5 wrestlers of all time. 

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Peter is today's guest. / You've probably guessed what today's episode is about by the title.  Yup, it's a Nigerian Scammer episode.  The first guy we call puts up with a whole lot, the 2nd guy a lot less.  We top it off with Peter and I trying to become Mary Kay salesmen.

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The Doc is today's guest / MP3's are too loud / Worst E True Hollywood story / 3D Beiber movie / Overreacting to a Sex-Ed class / Teaching parents about the computer / Marinating a cat / Cigarettes / Old sperm / much more / give us ITunes reviews please

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Marc and Artie are today's guests / Jay joins a gym and has to put up with a lot to do it / Sleep apnea / Marcs top 10 gripes for August / Jay teaches Marc and Artie about homosexuals / much more

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Leon and Lauren are on today's show / Pigeons hate Kings of Leon / Jorts and Toms / On the phone in the gym shower / Girlguygirls / Bad neighbors / Questions segment / Memorializing dead people / more

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Marc and comedian Tony Bock are on the show today / We talk to Tony about how he became a comedian / Worst standup experiences / Last Comic Standing / We break down all six volumes of Mel Gibsons audio / Dominos shitty pizza / Guy checks Facebook while in the middle of a heist and forgets to log out / Double rainbow / Train etiquette / We go over Marcs list of pet peeves / lots more fun / subscribe on ITunes

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Marc and Bri are on the show today / Live coverage of The Decision with close to the source updates / Douche real estate agent / Firsties / Absynthe / Dean from Australia and Dean Reid call in

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Peter is on the show today / Some T.V. talk / Jay's gets into a situation on his way home from a comedy show / The Rich Jerk calls Peter back / We call a scammer / Listener phone call / Getting offended by words / Breaking down the peanut allergy phenomenon / Ordering a side salad for a girl at a bar / Talking about the BP oil spill after too much whiskey

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Marc and Jay continue giving out the B.O.S.S. T.V. awards for Funniest Show Ever, Worst Show Everyone Liked, Worst Character, Sitcom Family You Wanted to Slaughter, Shows that Went on Too Long, and Best Drama Not Named The Wire

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This was a long episode so I broke it up into two parts.  Marc is today's guest / Board Games / Marc almost starts a Jihad / We talk about the series finales of 24 and Lost / We have our TV awards where we come up with our top five for each category and then try to agree on a top five.  Categories are "Girl you most wanted to sleep with while the show was on", "Show most like pizza", "Best character", "Best sidekick", and "Best sketch comedy show."

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Jon From Randomass Radio and Bri are today's guests / Bri and Jay try to figure out what planet Jon comes from / Students from Utah get their diplomas held for spelling penis / The Lebron media circus / Having a kid with a badass name who is a pussy / Extra, The Situation and Jennifer Aniston / The end of the world and the natural order of things / A few Jay and Bri college fail stories / Ten year olds viewing porn / Jay and Bri challenge Jon at drunk trivia / rapidfire questions / Subscribe on ITunes

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The Doc and The Professor are today's guests / We talk about how Jay got through co-hosting Blerd Radio while on the verge of throwing up / Tips for bing fat / 2 year old smoking 2 packs a day / We give tips for podcasting, not sure if that's ironic or not / The Professor is a terrorist and shuts down part of City Field / Drinking vodka through your eye / much more

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Arty, Leon and the Doc are today's guests / Arty's run-in with the law / HGH and other sports talk / Furrys / SNL Spin-off movies / Getting numbers / A Leon fight story / much more / Subscribe on ITunes

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Lauren and new guest host Cory are on the show today / Real estate stories / Dean from Australia calls in / Justin Beiber / People who are bad in bed / nipples / much more

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Marc is today's guest / We recap the events of the 100th episode, who threw up and how we were feeling the next day / Anorexic, Bulimic or Ryan Seacrest / Jay's Atlantic City trip / We cover a bunch of new stories including two guys who eat a girl, A woman with no arms or kneecaps getting a blackbelt, A guy flips out because co-worker makes fun of his small penis, and a Grandmother and Grandson are having a kid together. / Subscribe on ITunes

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Steven Cliffe from The Steven Cliffe Show, Marc, Jason, and Zach are today's guests / We each try to do 100 shots in 100 minutes.  A couple people may have thrown up but everyone does their 100 shots. / Moving again / Bathroom habits / 420 / Gipetto / Mom gives her 16 year old Botox / The Hills / Dating a porn star / The computer crashes and the last 15 minutes (shots) got deleted, so we do another 15 minutes to make up for it.  We're really drunk by this time. / Marc grills Zach about his dating life, it's kind of a mess because we're about 110 shots in at this point / Subscribe on ITunes

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Peter is today's guest / Reality vs. Drama / Monkey boxing / NY trivia / Trying to get a pizza place to say Robo Cop / Shitty facebook posts / Calling psychic hotlines with surprising results / Best and worst movies / Rapid fire questions / Worst super powers

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Bri and Marc are today's guest hosts / More Ipad jokes / ADD and Autism / Bri and Marc won't stop talking about baseball and Jay gets mad / Dane Cook / Overrated - comedians, movies, bands / This or that segment / much more

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The last episode with Bri and Marc got deleted due to a program malfunction.  So that makes this episode with Leon and Lauren Episode 92 / Explaining what happened the last few weeks / TV theme songs / Interview with Dean from Australia / Listener callers / Family Feud! / much more

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Leon and The Doc are today's guests / The story of Jay's move to Astoria, Queens / Woman from Jersey wants to be 1,000 pounds / Ipad / Biden curses / much more

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The Doc and Zach are today's guests / Subway stories / Jedi religion / Moving / St. Patricks Day / Dates / Walmart announcement / much more

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Marc and Leon are today's guests / Apartment hunting and real estate agents / 3rd grader makes a list of bltches / Leon and Marc talk baseball and piss Jay off / Bad date stories / Bodegas / Much more

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Bri and Marc are today's guests / Olympics / Obama's schedule / Movie of the Year / Heated basketball discussion / Guy kills 51 cows / Comedy movies / Crashes / Mom forces kid to kill pet / Hot dogs are now dangerous / much more

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Peter is today's guest / Worst movie remakes / Nudity in movies / New segment where we call an establishment and try to get them to say a word - This episode we try and get Dominos to say Robo Cop / Some funny clips from the internet / much more

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Peter is today's guest / Russians / Millionaire Matchmaker / Facebook / Prudes / Haiti / Al Sharpton / much more
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Leon and Lauren are today's guests / Santacon wrap-up / The Tooth Fairy / Remaking movies / Leno Vs. Conan / Knowing when to call it quits and the people who don't know when to stop supporting things / Moving / Much more
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Marc is today's guest / New Years resolutions / Going skiing / Most of what we learn is useless / Saving children / Overly aggressive recruiters / TV talk / What constitutes child pornography? / Artie Lange tries to kill himself...the hard way / Subway sucks / much more
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