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The Brink of Sanity show started waaaaaayyyyy back in 2008 with Jay and Bri as the show’s co-hosts and Jay’s dad as the sole listener. The audio was poor as was the content. It was dark times for the podcast. Fast forward to 2018 and the show is still going....I wouldn't say strong, but it's still sputtering along. Personal stories, rants, half-truths, current events, pop culture, game shows episodes, and messing with Internet scammers are some of the things you can expect to hear from Jay, Marc, Bri and company every week. Check out The Brink Of Sanity Online:

We recorded this episode back in August during the hurricane and was saving this episode for a weekend when we couldn't do a show.  This is that week. Hurrican Irene.  Marc gets lost in the Hamptons and almost doesn't make it back.  When high school crushes get fat.  MTV.  Horrible television programming. 

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Jay's bathroom flushed in reverse before the show so he's not in a good mood.  Apple hates abortions and Afghanistan hates women.  We to the top 5 weird/strange things about ourselves and find out we're maniacs.  The Walking Dead still sucks.  Greed between friends. 

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Lauren and the Doc are on today's show.  We do the top 5 funny/weird news stories of the week including a lady buying a piece of wood instead of an ipod, man tries to cut off hands AND stab him mom with a screwdriver, fake doctor fills mans ass with fix a flat, and a man who paints portraits with his penis. 

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Walking Dead is not good.  Top 5 weird/funny stories of the week including: Fox News citing nonexistant part of the constitution, PETA is after Mario, guy finds 500,000 worth of coke in a rental car, school now considers pizza a vegetable, much more.

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Jay attempts to make the show more popular.  The last of our TV show reviews.  Listener voicemails.  Marc's baby keeps trying to kill himself.

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Marc and The Doc are on today's show.  Craigslist adventures. Lady with 90 square foot apartment.  Occupy Wall Street.  Marc's pefect excuse for everything.  Radiator from hell.  Renting vs. owning.  Podcasts vs. TV.  Boiler room.  Halloween and trading candy afterwards.  More.

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We review the premieres of Grimm and Allen Gregory.  Wavepool for your livingroom?  Sequels in space.  We talk about American Horror Story and then the baby alarm goes off and we have to end the show.

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Matt and Heather from are on the show today.  Wii 2, virtual boy and waiting on line for games.  UFC vs boxing vs wrestling.  Debating Lindsay Lohan's breasts.  Are fleshlights profitable?  Steven Tyler falls down all the time.

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We review Last Man Standing and then fire Last Man Standing, Suburgatory and Whitney.  We're down to two shows so we'll be back to non-TV related episodes very soon. 

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We talk about Occupy Wall Street.  We review the 2nd episode of Terra Nova and Suburgatory and the 3rd episode of Whitney, and the premiere of American Horror Story.  What happened to decent sitcoms?

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We talk about Occupy Wall Street and some random comments on the website before we review this weeks TV shows.  We review Pan Am, Terra Nova, Suburgatory and How to be a Gentleman, as well as the 2nd episodes of The New Girl and Whitney.

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Yahoo is filtering people's emails.  One Million Mom's trying to get everything banned, including icecream.  We spend the rest of the episode reviewing some TV shows including Up All Night, The Playboy Club, Charlies Angels, The New Girl and Whitney.

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Peter is on the show today.  Football halftime shows.  The American Family Association hates Dancing with the Stars and Chaz Bono.  Pitching some show ideas.  Top 10 comedies of the 80's.  Missing the random boobs of 80's movies.  Peter's trip to Trader Joes.

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We kick off our fall TV reviews with The Ringer with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Up All Night with Will Arnett, Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph.  Believe it or not we have so much to say about these two shows it takes up the whole episode. 

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Fun show tonight.  Jon joins us once again, and Alex pops in towards the end.  Jon catches us up with all the drama he's been dealing with lately.  Newspapers are dying and have to put ridiculous things on the cover now.  Jay is now a big fan of Kat Williams.  We do our top 5 badass movies of the 80's.

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The Brink of Sanity takes on the fall 2011 TV season.  We discuss all the new shows airing this fall and pick a bunch of them to watch and review in detail in future episodes.

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Leon is on the show as we do the show in the middle of hurricane Irene.  We do our top 5 things we did in preparation of the hurricane.  Trying to beak down how people have 800 friends on facebook.  Leon talks about his Puerto Rico trip, hurricane Irene actually started while he was there. 

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Leon is finally back and we have new guest hosts Drunk Tommy.  We talk about the earthquake that hit NY and the hurricane that is supposed to be coming.  We talk about a childrens book about dieting that people are in an uproar about.  Mark and Donnie Walburgers.  Lindsey Lohan suing Pitbull.  Drunk Tommy loses his mind and we decide to end the show.

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Marc and Jay each bring up 5 stories they want to talk about including; Sherlock Holmes getting banned in school, Abercrombie asking the cast of the Jersey Shore not to wear their brand, Conan the Barbarian, Obama taking a vacation, Obama telling the leader of Syria to stand down, Jay gets owned trying to take a booze cruise and gets owned again calling the captain of the ship afterwards.

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Marc is on the show today.  We can't drink anymore.  For some reason we do the show really early on a Saturday morning and also try to figure out the debt crisis.  For real this time.  But we're half delerious so i'm not sure if it makes sense.  We also do our top 5 terrible movies coming out in 2011.  It ends up being a top 8 or so because there are so many bad movies this year.  It's an epidemic!

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We're back.  Marc is delerious from lack of sleep due to his new born baby.  We talk about his impending insanity, netflix's large price increas and we solve the national debt crisis in this weeks top 5.

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Marc and Ben are on the show today.  We try to finish the show before Marc's wife has a baby.  Ben tells the about how he tried to take one of the ideas proposed on the show and turn it into a real show.  Jay tries out for Who Wants to be a Millionaire.  We do our top five on reality show ideas that we would love to see happen. 

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Marc is on the show always.  Marc knows why the Human Centipede 2 was banned in the UK and Jay gives his top 5 reasons he thinks it is banned.  Why does our website get constant viewers looking for gay unicorns and little girls crying and who is searching for these things?

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It's liberal vs. conservative in this politically charged episode.  Topics inlcude the debt ceiling, Sarah Palin and the republican candidates, reforming medicare, Anthony Weiner's weiner and foreign policy.  We also do our top 5 complaints about conservatives/liberals.

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Marc and Jon from Random Ass Radio are on the show today.  Top 5 things that piss us off.  Honking in traffic, referencing pop culture, family feud, you're not special, can't commit to a plan, dishes in the sink, not paying attention, asking opinions, much more.

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Marc is on teh show today.  Interview with Harold Camping.  Top 5 things Marc wants to talk about, wallpaper, pitching reality show ideas, political talk, Arnold's love child, Oprahs last episode, tough guys at bars, much more.

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Marc is on the show today.  We get ready for the rapture, talk about who's getting saved and who isn't, we do our top 5 this week on things we're doing in preparation of the rapture, and take a guess on what happens to the people who are saved.  We talk about an obnoxious person on the phone, our latest ITunes review, and comic book movies.

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Marc is on the show today.  Jay poisons himself.  Anti-gay commercials on TV.  The end of the world is coming.  Top 5 tips for visiting Manhattan.  Football players have brain damage.

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Marc and Jay talk about the ten plagues for passover, skydiving, the Hangover 2, birthing classes, and we do the top 5 most overrated movies.

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Marc and Bri are today's guests.  Fox news can't believe Pia got voted off American Idol.  Oh yeah and our govenment shut down too.  Teagate.  We talk about Charlie Sheens first show.  We do the top 5 companies who should be banned from making commercials.  Marc breaks out his top ten rants of the month including: butts touching, subway etiquette, irony, wet hands, college sports, using big words, open ended texts, and PETA.

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Bri and Marc are on the show today.  We talk about the 400 bad things that have happened to Bri since he was on the show a few months ago.  We do the top 5 most annoying Actor/Actresses. 

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Marc and Scott join me on the podcast tonight.  We drink Four Loco and since they banned it with the energy/caffeine portion of it we add Red Bull to ours.  Topics include Marc's birthday weekend with a disappointing concert (John Mellencamp), miracle fruit, and sushi dinner.  Roommates.  Weather.  Stopping babies from committing suicide.  Getting rained on.  Waiting in line for Star Wars and video games.  Much more.tyyyy6klllllllllllllll

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Alex, The Doc and Leon are on today's show.  Jay's bad haircut experience.  We recap Jay's Vegas trip.  Annoying people on the flight, buffets, wedding, clubs, Penn and Teller and more.  We also talk about how the Super Bowl halftime show will never be the same again after the Black Eyed Peas ruined it.

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Jay, Peter and Whitney pretty much just make fun of the fountain lady for the entire episode.  Lots of laughs.

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Peter and Whitney join me on the show today.  Peter explains his absense from the show.  Crazy ebay email.  Snookie book reviews on Amazon, which turns into how much would you accept to have her poop on you.  Don't know how we got there.  The New York Subway thank themselves.  Things you're angry about.  What has changed about New York.

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Marc brings in his list of rants again.  Rants include arguing with a stutterer, gun exchange, the American flag, nature vs. nurture, believing things people tell you, going back in time, a scam of a get out of debt book, Q-tips, and things he's tired of being told.  There's a few more in his list as well.

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