The Brink of Sanity
The Brink of Sanity show started waaaaaayyyyy back in 2008 with Jay and Bri as the show’s co-hosts and Jay’s dad as the sole listener. The audio was poor as was the content. It was dark times for the podcast. Fast forward to 2018 and the show is still going....I wouldn't say strong, but it's still sputtering along. Personal stories, rants, half-truths, current events, pop culture, game shows episodes, and messing with Internet scammers are some of the things you can expect to hear from Jay, Marc, Bri and company every week. Check out The Brink Of Sanity Online:

Marc, Jay, and Bri finalize the top 64 entries in the Brink Bracket. This one is for the hardcore fans.

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about the Mets selling the team, Bloomberg running for president, Jay has no attention span, Marc thinks he has narcolepsy, listener questions, and more

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about another Walking Dead spinoff, Bri almost died, South Dakota Meth campaign, Jay gets accused of faking a certification, ways to make Jay's job worse, technologies we want eliminated, gender reveals, finishing up the Brink of Sanity bracket

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about finally learning where girls pee from, watching porn in the library, flashing at the world series, the government is going to ban meat conspiracy, Marc has watched every show, and more

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Jay, Marc, and Bri talk play Onion or Infowars article, Wikipedia police, Marc has an interesting neighbor, Joker, cheese rind, and more

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about The Joker hype, the moat, excuse me, Jay is going back to school, Marc makes the top 5 way more complicated than it needs to be

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about how Jay doesn't recognize Grunge as a music genre, running into a real feminist, Bri hates events at bars, operation please take one

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Marc and Jay talk about awkward conversations, Jay trolls his coworkers, Marc gets free money while Jay gets shit on, we try and get the Brink phone number back from a hotel chain

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about Epstein, Forrest Gump 2, Jay gets in trouble for emojis, Bri has a meltdown at work, best soundtracks, and more

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Marc, Jay, and Bri start things off on a happy note, performance review, work hates Jay, Stick Man update, Marc doesn't know what's going on in the world, too many dicks in comedies, would you rather, and more

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about the janitor at work messing with Jay, fitbits for kids, producing a streaming site, the MTA, paper routes

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Marc, Jay, and Dustin talk about Home Depot, living in Hell, recycling, the group of people messing with Jay at work is growing, talking to Dustin about joining the military and weight training

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about how Bri is a terrible person, how cheap it is to get someone murdered in the DR, Facebooks newest spying scam, seeding, the newest scam going around, Marc proposes some ways for the show to make money, presidential theme songs, and more

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about trying to make millions, would you rather, Jay recaps his trip and it goes about as well as you'd expect

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about starting a new podcast, Marc wants to sue someone, we take a deep dive into why Marc is Jewish, Jay gets into an incident at a laundromat, listener emails, Marc has no control over his life

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about Jay's crypto disaster, the finale (probably) of the stick man trilogy, the Jay Loves network, and much more

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Marc and Jay are joined by Peter who talk walks us through his breaking point and does a top 5 dumb meetings he's had to have at work, we then talk about some news stories and a few other things

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Marc, Jay, and Bri try to get in touch with a scammer, Marc has a very suspect new doctor, open world video games, lots of top 5's, training terrorists at the gym, listener questions, and more

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about the return of Stick Man, Infowars newest and maybe most ridiculous conspiracy, top 5 annoying words or phrases, top 10 cover songs from, and more

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about dress shirt habits,  Marc pitches ideas for Jay's new site, office pranks, 

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about the neighborhood stalker, Jay trying to get his license, TV talk, and Drake on Siri

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