The Brink of Sanity
The Brink of Sanity show started waaaaaayyyyy back in 2008 with Jay and Bri as the show’s co-hosts and Jay’s dad as the sole listener. The audio was poor as was the content. It was dark times for the podcast. Fast forward to 2018 and the show is still going....I wouldn't say strong, but it's still sputtering along. Personal stories, rants, half-truths, current events, pop culture, game shows episodes, and messing with Internet scammers are some of the things you can expect to hear from Jay, Marc, Bri and company every week. Check out The Brink Of Sanity Online:

Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about Bri's experience with Covid, some interesting news stories, Cyberpunk 2077, listener questions, an insane chaturbate room, discussing our difficult recording schedule

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Marc, Jay, and Rob talk about best and worst sports team names, working from home, getting confused by pronouns, professional photo shoots, changing a moment in history, virtual reality, and much more

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Marc, Jay, and Peter talk about Jeffrey Toobin, job interviews, stumbling upwards, a murderer tries to go back in time, the top 5 worst allergies, professor or landlord, top 5 takeaways from 2020, and more

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Marc and Jay talk about a difficult math question, Pat Robertson's prediction, octopuses can taste, a visit from gym god, a call with Zappos, sleeping with apnea, pulling a Toobin, Jay's presidential platform, listener questions, and more

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about being chased by a cougar, Jay takes a Covid test, top 5 predictions for the rest of 2020, great moments in Brink history

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about black licorice, spam emails, Subway bread, top 5 things people today won't get to experience, Marc's black cloud, great moments in Brink history

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about Rolling Stone latest horrible list, portable CPAP, Covid update, role play, great moments in Brink history

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about their top 5 favorite episodes, Bri's newest obsession, some news stories, Lorenzo creates a new game - Great Moments in Brink History

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Marc, Jay, and Bri get an update on Marc's black cloud, Marc becomes part of a cable company protest, Fun Sponge update, Marc completely gives up on social distancing, fetish party, Cameo, and more

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about Marc's horrible week, Bri's pretty bad week and shockingly Jay had a good week. House updates, neighbor updates, girlfriend updates, this one has it all.

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Marc, Jay, and The Doc talk about Marc giving up on social distancing, getting mad about actor roles, the newest Brink get rich quick plan, Goya, Jay might leave the country, and more

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Marc, Jay, and Janssen talk about Work Hates Jay, Neighbors Hate Jay, Outdoor Outfit, top 5 cheesy Red Hot Chili Peppers lyrics, and listener questions

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Marc, Jay and Peter talk about the most insane lawsuit we've ever seen, we pitch 5 TV shows to each other, some news stories, Jay updates his presidential platform

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Marc, Jay, and The Doc exchange would you rathers and try to catch up on emails

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Marc, Jay, and Peter talk about their state of minds, a crazy personal experience Peter had with the cops, and we each pitch 5 brink related movie ideas and decide which ones get greenlit

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Marc, Jay, Bri, and Rob from the Uncanny X-Cast talk about mutant ticks, the top 5 currently alive people who had the biggest comedic impact, we give listener Franky a call, a bunch of emails, and more

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Marc, Jay, Bri, and the Doc learn about the virus with a very helpful question and answer session, Jay makes a list of bands he listens to and mixes in fake band names to see if the guys can guess which is which

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about a parallel universe going backwards, what happens in America if Covid just goes away, Jay tries to read emails while Marc tries to go on endless tangents, that's pretty much the rest of the episode, someone mail Marc some tranquilizers

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Marc, Jay, and Lauren talk about social distancing or lack there of in America, speeding tickets, letters to neighbors, and much more

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Marc, Jay, and Bri....does anyone read these? Am I just wasting my time writing show notes? I really don't feel like writing them this week. My neighbor was loud during the show and I couldn't really focus, then my other neighbor was loud really early this morning, so now i'm cranky and these are the show notes.

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk some politics, Jay announces his candidacy, a bunch of news stories, listener questions, and the brink sweet sixteen

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about Marc's beard struggles, listener questions, quarantine update, conspiracy theories, brink bracket updates, and more

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Marc, Jay, and Bri each bring 5 Coronavirus related stories they wanted to talk about, listener questions, and more

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Marc and Jay are joined by Rob from the Uncanny X-Cast, we get an update from Alabama, would you rather, our newest podcast idea, a new sports league idea, listener questions, and much more

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about how doing nothing is too difficult for people, recap the 1st round of the brink bracket, would you rather, and much more

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Marc, Jay, and Bri are still healthy despite Bri still going into the office and Jay living with a nurse. We talk about the current state of things and then lighten it up with a bunch of listener questions and a recap of the first half of round one of the Brink 64 Bracket.

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about how they are dealing with the crisis, top 5 things that have come out of this, and more than a few tangents

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Marc, Jay, and Peter talk about anxiety, parents and technology, some politics, and we obviously talk about the Coronavirus. We try to have some fun but the pandemic is obviously weighing on our minds, we did the best we could.

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Marc, Jay, Bri, and Janssen talk about how work hates Jay, eating light at night, preparing for the end of the world, the bum subway, Janssen and Jay have had similar life paths, listener questions, and more

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about AOL, funniest TV shows, Infowars, Marc derails another bit, politics, phone etiquette

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about the start of Brink since this is the 12 year anniversary of the show. We talk about the primaries, spam mail at work, the XFL, University of Phoenix Online, Jay's upstairs neighbor floods his apartment yet again, work hates Jay, Bri watches all the movie of the year nominations

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about Bri almost living on a lake, breathalyzer in cars, stealing the letter V, arcades that only have ticket games, intermittent fasting, listener questions, and more

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